Since 2007 we have worked on a number of propositions for a wide range of organisations, with anywhere between 10 and 100 designers working on each. The following projects provide a sample

Newton Central School - Block 2

Newton Central School is perched on the southern slope of Arch Hill and is a bastion of a community that celebrates diversity within a strong sense of identity and place. Education here is pursued from a Maori perspective, and the School presents a unique combination of mainstream, bi-lingual and full immersion Maori education on the same site. The project involved consultation with staff, feeding back and operating in the space between teaching staff and project managers to achieve agreed aims.

Brief: We were asked to revitalize six dated classrooms through an interior design proposal.

A501b PERSPECTIVE _ Layout_edited.png


Susie Howlett, as a final year MArch(Prof) student, worked with Emma Morris Studio to realise the Block 2 project.


Newton Central School, Block 2 interior elevations


Our Lady of Fatima ceremonial furniture

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church is located in Meadowbank, Auckland where it serves an active, growing parish.

Project: Our project celebrates Catholicism in the antipodes in that it takes its cues from the Modernist, timber tradition of the Frank O Jones building it is located within. The collection includes an altar, votive candle tables, baptismal font, ambry, credence table and lectern.

Brief: unit Y was asked by the Church parish to present concepts for new ceremonial furniture that would bring coherence to what was felt had become a disparate collection of votive pieces.

mariano_lofatima_furniture_Candle holder


Mariano Fernandez Janezic as a final year MArch(Prof) student with Mike Davis.

Profile pic_edited.jpg

Our Lady of Fatima, votive candle table


Collettes Corner

Ohu means “people working together”. It is also the name given to a property development company concerned with building communities by building buildings.

Project: We pushed the poetry and personalities of Lyttelton in a project that included Roman baths, coworking spaces, restaurant, apart-hotel, a cinema, and bars.

Brief: Ohu ran a design competition for a mixed-use development on a prominent site in Lyttelton. The purpose of this building was to create a destination that would add to the attraction of the town.

annie_mariano_OHU Presentation 3.1 Compr


Annie Tong & Mariano Fernandez Janezic worked on the project as final year MArch(Prof) students with Mike O’Sullivan, Matt Liggins and Mike Davis.


Collettes Corner competition entry


Newton Central School 

Newton Central School is perched on the southern slope of Arch Hill and is a bastion of a community that celebrates diversity within a strong sense of identity and place. Education here is pursued from a Maori perspective, and the School presents a unique combination of mainstream, bi-lingual and full immersion Maori education on the same site.

Brief: To develop a range of design propositions that will set future aspirations, address the needs of users, and demonstrate the potential of the campus as the School prepares for changes expected over the coming 10 years and more.



As a first year MArch(Prof) student at the University of Auckland, Henry Fraser's kindergarten project for Newton Central School won the Student Design category at the 2018 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards.



Project: While a student at the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning, Ayla Raymond-Roberts asked why dwellings in New Zealand conform to an idea of ‘home’ that is bound to its past. This project was initially intended as a means to shift the ‘bigger = better’ mentality, and to get Kiwis demanding building quality over quantity. unit Y Trust commissioned Ayla to realize SML, one of the concepts she developed as part of her thesis 'Muryo Jitaku', which was a finalist in the 2017 NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards.  

Brief: The SML concept is to be developed into a fully functioning, consented, 20m2 home as a demonstration for the wider benefit of New Zealanders. It will be exhibited at Objectspace in Auckland in September 2019 as part of the Festival of Architecture.



Ayla Raymond-Roberts, as a recent graduate, worked with Chris Holmes at CAAHT on SML.


Huia Settlers Museum

Huia Settlers Museum is a container of memory for a particular place and its people. It is community owned and operated and features artefacts and stories from Maori and early Pakeha occupation of the surrounding area, including that of the Orpheus, New Zealand’s worst Maritime disaster. Located on the northern edge of the Manukau Harbour, the Museum is physically small and notionally isolated.

Project: While it began as a request for an architectural proposal (an ‘extension’ to the current building), the project operated across a range of scales – from the detail of the exhibition displays, through to an urban design proposal that articulates and positions our Client as a crucial node in West Auckland’s (largely latent) cultural network.

Brief: The Museum asked us to help them develop a vision for what they might become.



Bevin Liang’s project recognized the building itself was an artefact and proposed to wrap the old building in a larger, crisp, new suit. It was produced when he was a year one MArch (Prof) student at the University of Auckland.


Huia Museum: Bevin Liang


Auckland Marine Rescue Centre

Located in Mechanics Bay, Auckland Marine Rescue Centre is the control centre for the Coastguard Northern Region and Surf Lifesaving Northern Region. It also houses Auckland Coastguard, the Harbourmaster and Maritime Police.

Project: The project shown was extrapolated from three distinct proposals for the remodeling of the interior to address the larger issue of how to expand capacity and secure the future of the building.

Brief: Through a two phase workshop, we developed proposals for the remodeling of their 1980’s ‘iconic’ building on the fringe of Auckland’s Port harbour edge to meet the evolving needs of multiple tenants.



Adam Hunt, Kim Huynh, Liam Stumbles, Alexander Figg, Joyee Kwan, Yiqiu Hong, Bevin Liang, Primo Huang, Liwen Choi with Alessandro Melis and Mike Davis. This group included people who went on to work for a range of creative practices from JASMAX to Weta Digital.

AMRC as proposed


Samson Corporation

Samson Corporation are one of Auckland’s most progressive developers. They hold close to one hundred properties might be deemed ‘earthquake-prone’, many of which would also be classed as ‘heritage’.

Brief: To speculate as to the architectural, urban design, and business opportunities the problem of an earthquake-prone building presents through design projects for ten such properties.



Lauren Speer was a year one MArch (Prof) student at the University of Auckland when she produced her project for Samson Corp’. Upon completion of her Masters degree, she moved on to Architectus Auckland.


Three Kings Quarry

Fletcher Living is a housing development company notionally connected to Fletcher Construction, a company with over 100 years of history in the New Zealand building industry.

Brief: To propose new types of housing to be located at the former Winstone Quarry in Three Kings, Auckland. We were asked to challenge conventions through questioning how architecture might develop in response to the unique geographical conditions Auckland presents.



Robert Park was a year one MArch(Prof) student when he took on the Three Kings project. A year later he won an AAA Award for his final year thesis ‘Post Civic’ and subsequently took up a position with JASMAX before moving to Peddle Thorp in Auckland.


Akarana Golf Club 

The Mount Albert Bowling Club was founded in 1897 in the heart of Mount Albert. Akarana Golf Club invited the Mt Albert Bowling Club to consider merging facilities with them on their Mt Roskill grounds at the end of Auckland’s famed Dominion Road.

Brief: To create a shared sporting and community hub by bringing Mt Albert Bowls and Akarana Golf Club together on Akarana’s Dominion Road site. In doing so, to also provide a basis for discussion as Akarana works toward creating capacity, connection and coherence across the precinct and within the local community for the next 30 years.



Natalee Tan was a year one MArch(Prof) student at the University of Auckland in 2013. She went on to practice with Mitchell Stout Dodd Architects.


College Rifles

College Rifles Rugby Club (1896) is a hub of community activity for Auckland’s inner eastern suburbs. Its survival and growth in the face of difficult circumstances is based upon its diverse offering to a (therefore) broader population base, and to the precise programming of activities in relation to one another.

Brief: To design a swimming facility as an extension to the Club’s offering and, in doing so, to bring
spatial and operational coherence to this sporting precinct.



Kim Huynh was a year three BAS student at the University of Auckland at the time of the project. She has since gone on to work for Pac Studio.